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Consultation and Service:
Indoor Air Quality, Service, OEM Installations, ISO 9000 Contract filter installation.


Class 100/M3.5 through Class 100,000/M6.5 clean rooms, clean benches, exhaust hoods, controlled environments.  Federal Standard 209E, ISO 9000, DOP testing, NSF #49.


Clean Rooms:
Design, installation, certification Module, Portable hard/soft wall, clean benches, Class 100 through Class 100,000.


HEPA Absolute Filters:
99.97% to 99.9999%, all sizes available, ISO 9000.


Odor Corrosion and BOC Control:
Purafil and activated carbon, indoor/outdoor applications, process equipment Corrosion monitoring, coupon testing, air sampling.


Air Cleaners:
Filter Media & Electronic Units/Exhaust Arms; manual or auto.


Medium & High Efficiency Filters:
luwa_type_filter.jpg (7630 bytes) Polyester and fiber glass bags; high volume/low pressure/high dust load.


Cartridge / Box Filters:
cartridge_filter.jpg (8320 bytes) Deep-pleated, medium/high efficiency, internally and self-supported.


Extended Surface Pleated Filters:
pleated_filters.jpg (12372 bytes) 1", 2",4",6"and 12" medium and high efficiency "new" min pleat design available 
2", 4" and 12".


Disposable Air Filters:
Polyester/dry and tackifed, fiberglass; available in all sizes.


Filter Media:
polyester_media.jpg (5903 bytes) All types available, including antimicrobial and non-migrating adhesive.
Ask for Filtration Products approved by USDA, FDA, and EPA.


Auto Rolls and Housings:
Housings, replacement roll/all types.


Paint Booth Filters:
Medium and high efficiency intake filters, high loading exhaust filters; available in all sizes All types.


Evaporative Coolers:
Wood, treated paper, and dura/aqua pads, all accessories available.


Grease Filters:
Aluminum, galvanized, stainless; baffled or mesh, Contract Service Available.


Industrial Filters:
cartridge_filter_round.jpg (8218 bytes) All Sizes & Efficiencies for Air, Water, Gas, and Liquid Filtration, Housings available ISO 9000


Filter Housings and Accessories:
holding_frame.JPG (6531 bytes) Front or side loading; cartridge style; frames, clips, grids, etc. for all HVAC applications.


Air Monitoring and Measuring Equipment:
Velocity meter, transducers, and airflow measuring hoods, CO & Co2 meters Static pressure, all accessories available.


Our suppliers are leaders in the filtration industry.
Cross references available all other filter lines.