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1019 West Colmar Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah  84104
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Toll Free: (800) 929-ROTO


Roto Aire Filter Sales and Services
Established in 1965, Roto Aire services the Intermountain area with quality products at competitive prices.  We maintain our business through education of our customers so they can make intelligent buying decisions. We are active members of the National Air Filtration Association, ASHRAE, and the Sheet Metal Contractors.  Our major suppliers are as follows; Glasfloss, Purafil, TSI, Porta Fab, and several others.

Roto Aire continues to be responsive in the area of cleanroom design. We design and install (with local contractors) softwall as well as hardwall rooms. After the room is completed we can certify the room in accordance with federal standard 209E.

Purafil clean air systems eliminate airborne contaminates and particulates which adversely effect the health of building occupants. While providing clean air, the systems also provide significant energy savings for the building owner. Purafil systems meet indoor air quality guidelines of Boca and ASHRAE. Purafil systems are available for process controls and equipment.

TSI specializes in HVAC and IAQ instruments ranging from CO2 and CO meters, differential pressure and velocities, and flow measuring hoods. Transducers to measure air velocity for a variety of applications. Displays and monitors to provide a scalable digital display are also available.

Research Products
Research products paint arrestors are a significant improvement over other types. Change to paint arrestors in your spray booth operation, and you will increase productivity, keep the booth systems and environment cleaner while reducing costs. Research products also excels in metal washable filters and grease filters.

Metal Fab
Metal Fab Inc. began with a concept-the idea of doing it better-building better products, and offering better customer service. Steady growth over the years has made it possible for us to plow earnings back into plant expansions. Today, headquarters in Wichita has grown to over 170,000 sq. ft. Micro Aire commercial air cleaners capture smoke, paper dust, and toner. Ideal for use in offices, data processing areas etc. Industrial Air cleaners also capture common indoor air pollutants plus welding smoke, grinding dust, odors, and oil mist found in many industrial applications.

Filtration Group
Filtration Group manufactures a wide range of HVAC related air filtration products with the capability and resources to supply a complete line of filters. The Luwa filter, a high capacity and low pressure drop is known world wide and is the leader in technological design. A quality line of high efficiency bag filters, both synthetic and fiber glass rounds out their line.

Porta Fab
Porta Fab has combined effective cleanroom wall construction techniques with a modular, flexible design that allows for fast, easy installation, as well as expansion or relocation to meet changing needs. Porta Fab wall systems also combine form with function, for a sleek attractive appearance. Modular building systems are available.

Viledon has the resources, experience and technical expertise to create our own filter media, design and manufacture of the finished product and ship it anywhere in the world. This special ability gives us total quality control and an opportunity to optimize the products we produce worldwide. Viledon is the name that stands for leadership in air filtration.

We have the value in use philosophy. We believe our customers are interested in continuous improvement in the products they purchase and more efficient means of operating their lines. Distributors who have our same philosophy distribute our quality-manufactured products around the world.

If you would like to become a ROTO AIRE customer,
please call 1-800-929-ROTO